We have an Assembly about new beginnings.
I put my hand up and ask if it’s possible
to have old beginnings.
Miss Carson says she’s beginning
to tire of my questions.

Later I do my very special out-of-tune singing.
Miss Carson says she can’t begin to imagine
what I think I’m doing.
I say it’s the beginning
of a new type of music
and the beginning
of a new type of Assembly.

Miss Carson says I will spend time
outside the Head’s office.

Beginning right now.



Scunthorpe-born Rob Walton is a writer, performer and part-time primary school teacher who now lives with his family in Whitley Bay. He writes poetry and short fiction for children and adults. His poetry for children has been published by Bennison Books, Bloomsbury, The Dirigible Balloon, Dreich, The Emma Press, Frances Lincoln, Macmillan and others.