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Call for new children’s poems

We are currently closed for submissions

We are currently closed for submissions of poems for children but will reopen in the autumn.

You don’t need a track record as a poet generally or a children’s poet specifically; we are keen to encourage as many people as possible to experience the important joy of writing poetry for children!

Please read the guidelines below before submitting your poems.

  • When we are open for submissions, please send up to three unpublished poems on the stated theme. Feel free to interpret the theme as you wish.
  • We strongly recommend reading a previous issue of Tyger Tyger Magazine to get a feel for it.
  • Poems should be up to 40 lines long and aimed at readers aged 7-11 years old.
  • Please include a short covering note and a third-person biography of up to 80 words with your submission.
  • Please paste your poems into the body of an email and send them to
  • We welcome submissions from everyone, everywhere in the world, as long as you are aged 18 or over.
  • Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer payment for work published. Tyger Tyger Magazine is run on a voluntary basis.
  • Feel free to submit the same poems elsewhere but please let us know promptly if another publication snaps them up.
  • If you have recently submitted or been published in Tyger Tyger Magazine, you are most welcome to submit again on the next theme.
  • By submitting, you consent for your work to be featured in perpetuity: online on the Tyger Tyger Magazine website; as a freely downloadable poster; as part of a freely downloadable teaching resource (three poems will be selected each issue; the resources will also be published on TES).
  • Poets retain copyright to their poems. Please do mention us if you go on to publish your poem elsewhere.
  • We will respond to all submissions within twelve weeks of the closing date. Give us a nudge after that time if you haven’t heard back.
  • The decision of the editorial team is final; we will not enter into further correspondence.


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We will respond to any queries as soon as possible – please note, this is likely to take a few days.

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Submission window closed?

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