runner, runner
     ready, set, go!
baker, baker
     ready, set, dough!
farmer, farmer
     ready, set, hoe!
pitcher, pitcher
     ready, set, throw!

bedbug, bedbug
     ready, set, bite!
firefly, firefly
     ready, set, light!
Tyger Tyger,
     burning bright,
poet, poet
     ready, set, write!



Jay Brazeau is an emerging poet who once won a hamburger for a poem about chicken. He resides in Ottawa, Canada, but lives on the outer edge of imagination. Jay’s poems have appeared in The Caterpillar, the anthologies HOP TO IT: Poems to Get You Moving (Pomelo Books, 2020), 10•10 Poetry Anthology (wee words for wee ones, 2021) and online at The Dirigible Balloon. You can follow him on Twitter @brazeau_jay