All of the poems in issue 2 are also available as free poem-posters to download, print and display. There are also free, downloadable teaching resources around the poems ‘Tightrope Walk Team’ by S.J. Perillo, ‘Tickets to Ride’ by Julie Stevens, and ‘Who?’ by Annie Fisher. Each resource offers ways to get to know the poem, talking points around poetic techniques, and an individual writing activity. Please click on the titles below to download the posters and teaching resources.

We would love to see the poems your children create in response to Tyger Tyger. Tag us on Twitter @tygertygermag or email us on for some free, personalised feedback!

Poem posters

Tightrope Walk Team by S.J. Perillo – poster
Honey, Best Cat in the World by Michael Shann – poster
I Am Fionnula by Sophie Kirtley – poster
The School Cats by Catherine Olver – poster
Tail Tales by Sue Lancaster – poster
Is a zebra like a horse? by Will Birkin – poster
Stray Dog in Havana by Zaro Weil – poster
Otter questions by L Kiew – poster
Tickets to Ride by Julie Stevens – poster
Too Many Bottles by Jacqueline Shirtliff – poster
The —-saurus by Mark Granier – poster
Who? by Annie Fisher – poster


Tightrope Walk Team by S.J. Perillo – teaching resource
Tickets to Ride by Julie Stevens – teaching resource
Who? by Annie Fisher – teaching resource