Sky is wearing red tonight –
really making an entrance.
Trees are over shadowed,
stand with branches lowered
as they mingle with forest tracks,
blend bark with bark, stare at their roots.

The grass, hedges and rocky outcrops don’t compete,
because Sky is wearing red tonight,
and even River can only bathe in reflected glory,
as Sky dances a promise with flamenco style.



Coral Rumble is a popular, award-winning poet. Michael Rosen has commented, “Rumble has a dash and delight about her work.” She has published four collections and has contributed to 150+ anthologies. Coral won the prestigious Caterpillar Poetry Prize in 2018. Her 2020 poetry collection, Riding a Lion, was shortlisted for the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Awards. Her debut verse novel, Little Light (2021), was chosen as a recommendation for National Poetry Day 2021, and is a chosen text for Empathy Day 2022. Her new collection, Things That Should be in a Poem, was published on 25 September 2022 with Troika Books.