All of the poems in issue 3 are also available as free poem-posters to download, print and display. There are also free, downloadable teaching resources around the poems ‘Colour Mixing’ by Louise Crosby, ‘Harvest of Haiku’ by Karla Wendelin, and ‘Red Bridge’ by Marie Papier. Each resource offers ways to get to know the poem, talking points around poetic techniques, and an individual writing activity. Please click on the titles below to download the posters and teaching resources.

We would love to see the poems your children create in response to Tyger Tyger. Tag us on Twitter @tygertygermag or email us on for some free, personalised feedback!

Poem posters

Rainbow by Jane Lovell
In Which the Witch Paints Her Toes by Kathryn Dove
Colour Mixing by Louise Crosby
flowers and space by Laura Theis
Harvest of Haiku by Karla Wendelin
Contradiction by Joan Riordan
Red Bridge by Marie Papier
Orange by Theresa Gaughan
The Boy Who Ate the Sky by Ian Humphreys
Vermilion by Harry Glass
Sofia’s Paintbox by Carole Bromley
Sky Is Wearing Red Tonight by Coral Rumble


Colour Mixing by Louise Crosby – teaching resource
Key topics: Art · The science of colour mixing · Illustration · Comics · Individual writing
Harvest of Haiku by Karla Wendelin – teaching resource
Key topics: Haiku · The five senses · Group writing · Individual writing
Red Bridge by Marie Papier – teaching resource
Key topics: Paintings and ekphrasis ∙Imagination · Individual writing