Tyger Tyger Issue 2 – Animals, May 2022

Welcome to the second issue of Tyger Tyger Magazine, on the theme of Animals!

Here is a menagerie of twelve prowling, cantering, slithering poems, representing a wide range of creatures, big and small. Cuddle and leap with a clowder of cats, wander with a heroic dog, and swim with a sleek, hungry otter. Relish the beauty of animal names and find out more about animal behaviour. Ask questions about a zebra and a mysterious, nameless dinosaur. Be plunged into different animal habitats, learn about lost and endangered species, and hear magical stories of transformation.

Each poem is available as a free poem-poster to download, print and display, and there are free teaching resources around three of the poems.

Posters and teaching resources – issue 2

All of the poems in issue 2 are also available as free poem-posters to download, print and display. There are also free, downloadable teaching resources around the poems ‘Tightrope Walk Team’ by S.J. Perillo, ‘Tickets to Ride’ by Julie Stevens, and ‘Who?’ by Annie...