They shift above:
The face of a man with a beard as long
As his wait for love,
A woman dancing free, arms reaching, reaching,
A lost dolphin leaping,
A giant frog, complete with bunny’s tail,
Half a whale,
Another face – wide eyes staring, wild hair flaring,
A planet losing its rings, a stairway to nowhere,
A deckchair?

A mushroom stretches to becomes a tree, then fades into nothing
As branches break free.

The sun lights a white fire in an oversized frying pan
And the man, still waiting, loses his beard
As it drifts from view, and he is cut
In two by the airplanes
Streaking the sky.

Birds fly past a blurry new head, gently spreading
Into the blue.
Is that you?



Rhiannon Oliver is an actress, poet and workshop leader based in Cardiff. She started writing for children in 2021 and has been published in The Dirigible Balloon, Northern Gravy, Paperbound, Little Thoughts Press, Parakeet, Buzgaga, Launchpad (Australia), and most recently the final issue of The Caterpillar. She has also written for The Big Welsh Rhyme Time (Book Trust Cymru) and her poetry has appeared on TV (Only Boys Aloud Christmas Concert, S4C). She is part of Literature Wales’ ‘Representing Wales 2023’ programme and is currently developing her first collection.