Said Sir Percival Knight to his trusty steed,
“I’m feeling the need to be brave.
I long for a dangerous dragon to slay,
or a beautiful maiden to save.”

Said the trusty steed to his master knight,
“Today is no time for a quest.
We barely got home yesterday,
my feet are in need of a rest!”

“There’s no time to lose!” said the youthful knight.
“An ogre is out of control,
a princess is stuck in a tower somewhere,
and a gnome’s in a duel with a troll.”

Said the wise old steed to the anxious knight,
“Let other knights help those three.
And if you stay here and let me rest,
then you’ll be a hero to me.”



Evelyn Day loves writing poetry that makes her laugh or think. If it makes others laugh or think, then that’s a bonus! Evelyn has previously published poems for children in various magazines, including The Caterpillar, Clubhouse Jr., and The Dirigible Balloon. Some of her favourite pastimes include drinking hot chocolate and looking at the time.