Good at reading, great at art
Knows four poems off by heart
Helpful, kind and super smart
My mate, Mark

Always singing (mostly pop)
Chews his nails (he just can’t stop)
Does fantastic bellyflops
My mate, Mark

Great at football (he’s our goalie)
Favourite food? It’s ravioli!
Chews it veeeery, veeeery slowly…
My mate, Mark

Shares his chocolate, plays guitar
Says he’ll be a movie star
My best friend at school by far
My mate, Mark



Helen Dineen is a freelance educational author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry for children. Her poems have featured in a number of anthologies and magazines, and she has written two short books of poems for early readers: The Incredible Whale and Other Poems and Bodies Can Do Anything (both Collins Big Cat). Alongside writing, Helen loves a long walk on a cold day, dark chocolate and making a fuss of dogs.