Lines formatted in the shape of a soundwave. Poem reads: Struck things hum. Tuning forks from hard kneecaps, crystal bowls from gentle taps. Winged things hum. Honeybees to bustling hives, hummingbirds to crabapple skies. Moonlit things hum. Giraffes among their wakeful mates, composers—though it’s growing late. And we can catch the mountains humming from their green slopes to summit fogs, thrumming their old rock songs of Earth’s deep quakes and ocean waves.



Elizabeth Kuelbs writes for children and adults. She holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and you can find more of her work for young readers in What is Hope?, Things We Feel, Spider, Cricket, The Dirigible Balloon, and elsewhere. Elizabeth loves to listen for the music in her surroundings on the sunny mountain trails near her home, where wind hums through the chaparral. Visit her online at