A mathematician’s favourite tea
is Romanesco broccoli.
This classy cauli has the edge
compared to other types of veg,
because – and this is really great –
it’s maths in action on your plate!
A Fibonacci-style display,
which counts towards your five-a-day!
A perfect spiral swirl of buds,
more spellbinding than plain old spuds,
with tiny florets, self-repeating –
fun with fractals while you’re eating!
Afterwards, a pud to suit?
Try pineapple – it’s fractal fruit.



Claire Lewis is a Devon-based teacher turned author/illustrator who is a big fan of all types of broccoli and cauliflower. She writes picture books, poems and older fiction and works for an independent non-profit bookshop. She has performed her poetry on Book Jive Live, and her poems, stories and illustrations have been published in The Toy, Paperbound Magazine, The Dirigible Balloon and Little Thoughts Press magazine. You can find out more on her website: https://claireflewis.com/