If you want to build a bridge,
design a road, improve a fridge;
if you require a dam or weir,
consult an engineer.

Engineers experiment,
imagine, sketch, design, invent.
They build and test. And if they fail,
they look again at each detail
to find where they must make a change,
what they must add or rearrange.

Civil or mechanical, computer, biomedical,
electronic, chemical – you need an engineer.

Turbines, toys and trampolines,
escalators, submarines,
prosthetic limbs and dental braces,
stadiums for games and races.

Running shoes for super sprinters,
panels for computer printers,
satellites for space explorers,
gadgets to stop night-time snorers.

Civil or mechanical, computer, biomedical,
electronic, chemical – we need our engineers.

If you’re concerned about pollution,
they’ll look for a safe solution.
Want to build a shopping centre?
Find yourself a real inventor.

Safe drinking water, medications,
vaccines to protect all nations.
Engineers develop these
to improve health and cure disease.

Civil and mechanical, computer, biomedical,
electronic, chemical – we all need engineers.

Want to help the human race?
Make the world a better place?
Create, construct and persevere,
you could become an engineer!



Rhona Stephens grew up in Northern Ireland, went to university in Wales, moved to England for a while, then headed north of the border to live in Scotland. She loves words and music, living in the country and visiting the coast – especially the north coast of Ireland. Her children’s poetry has been published on The Dirigible Balloon and Charles Causley Trust websites and in The Toy magazine.