Just a button?
Just a button?
What kind of button?!
I’ve got…

Metal buttons, glass buttons, wood buttons, brass buttons,
Toggle buttons, brace buttons, pearl buttons, lace buttons,
Popper buttons, horn buttons, new buttons, worn buttons,
Leather buttons, gold buttons, silk-covered old buttons…

J-Just a button?
JUST a button?
What KIND of button?!
I’ve got…

Hook buttons, eye buttons, bone buttons, fly buttons,
Pewter buttons, lead buttons, cloth buttons, red buttons,
Silver buttons, shaft buttons, stud buttons, craft buttons,
Shirt buttons, hat buttons, coat buttons, flat buttons…

Just. A. Button?

Big button? Small button? Bell button? Ball button?
Prince button? Earl button? Twist button? Twirl button –

D’you know what?
Have a zip.



Zoe Arena is a British children’s writer and fan of the absurd. She’s a regular performer of stories and poetry on Book Jive Live and has been published in The Toy Press and WriteMentor Magazine. In 2022 she won the Little Tiger Press & I Am In Print Picture Book Competition for her text Mandy Is Still A Banana, which has also been selected to go through to the dPICTUS Unpublished Picturebook Showcase in Bologna ’23.