Tyger Tyger Issue 3 – The Colour Spectrum, October 2022

Welcome to the third issue of Tyger Tyger Magazine, on the theme of The Colour Spectrum!

Here are twelve vivid poems to add colour and sunshine into your day! Mix paints, make bold colour choices, find the rainbow all around you, tumble into a painting, and bite into the sun – or is that an orange? Discover a cautionary mythic tale about a boy who swallowed the sky, a tender story of art and empathy, and a praise poem to the colour with the best name. See fruits and vegetables in a different light, meet the confident, glorious Sky, and experience the magic of painting your toenails!

Each poem is available as a free poem-poster to download, print and display, and there are free teaching resources around three of the poems.

Posters and teaching resources – issue 3

All of the poems in issue 3 are also available as free poem-posters to download, print and display. There are also free, downloadable teaching resources around the poems ‘Colour Mixing’ by Louise Crosby, ‘Harvest of Haiku’ by Karla Wendelin, and ‘Red Bridge’ by Marie...