I’m poking my brother and bugging my mother,
’cause waiting’s a pain and the flight’s running late.
But look! The plane’s landing! My brain’s understanding
that soon crowds of people will flood through the gate.

My brain sends out orders that whiz past its borders
and flow down my spine, coursing out through each nerve.
My blood vessels tighten, my vision is heightened,
my glands pump out hormones they’ve held in reserve.

My heart’s pumping quickly, my skin’s feeling prickly,
my breath’s coming fast as I scan each new face.
My muscles propel me as joy overwhelms me.
I race like a rocket toward Dad’s embrace.



Jennifer Thomas is a Canadian medical editor and poet. Her children’s poetry has been published in The Dirigible Balloon, The Toy magazine, and an anthology by Buzgaga Press. Jennifer comes up with her best ideas for poems while she’s walking her dog, and as a result her dog gets lots of walks. This makes her dog very happy.