Mary Anning, Mary, Mary,
as the rhyme goes, quite contrary.
Scoured the shore from break of dawn
for Devil’s Fingers, Ammon’s Horn*,
to sell within her shop in Lyme –
strange treasure from an ancient time.

Mary Anning, Mary, Mary,
soon became extraordinary.
From plesiosaur to pterosaur,
fantastic beasts not seen before –
great dragons of the sea and sky
revealed by Mary’s expert eye.

Mary Anning, Mary, Mary,
song unsung and solitary.
Excluded by the gentlemen
who came to buy each specimen
and claim the fame. So do it proudly –
say her name and say it loudly:

Mary Anning, Mary, Mary,
fossil hunter, LEGENDARY!


*Now known as belemnites and ammonites



Rebecca Loveday writes poems and rhyming verse stories for children. Her writing has been published in The Dirigible Balloon, Little Thoughts Press and Parakeet Magazine. She lives with her family in Portsmouth and enjoys spending time in nature and visiting historic places.